Ed Atkins | Recent Ouija (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2015)

Cover Ed Atkins, Recent Ouija (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)Ed Atkins (1982, Oxford) is at the forefront of digital video art. In his own unique way, he uses digital media to push the limits of visual art. At the same time his work carries the imprint of traditional media: Atkins is a gifted draughtsman and moreover able to capture the message of his work in poetic language. For the artist’s edition of Recent Ouija, Atkins complemented existing texts and images with new work. The heart of the publication consists of drawings that reveal the process through which his digital images are created.

With its large size and combining hyper-realistic digital images with handwritten scrawls, the publication is a reflection of the same-titled exhibition. For fans of Atkins, this book offers a new and personal perspective on the exhibition. (source: Stedelijk Museum)

Ed Atkins | Recent Ouija

  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  • Design | Mevis & Van Deursen
  • Softcover | 24 pages, 35 x 50 cm
  • ISBN | 978 90 500 6000 4, 15€

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