Kristof Kintera | I AM NOT YOU (Museum Tinguely, Basel 2014)

++ IT’S IN A BOX ++

The exhibition, devised in close collaboration with Krištof Kintera (1973, Prague), aims to present his work in Basel in such a manner that its spontaneity, the artist’s complexity and dedication are conveyed to visitors.The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog in individual sheet form comprising documents and photos from the artist’s workshop as well as an interview (in English) between Krištof Kintera, Roland Wetzel, Andres Pardey and the gallery owner Jiří Švestka. Each copy packaged in an individual handmade box. (source: Museum Tinguely)

Kristof Kintera | I AM NOT YOU (Museum Tinguely Basel 2014)
Kristof Kintera | I AM NOT YOU (Museum Tinguely Basel 2014)

Kristof Kintera | I AM NOT YOU

  • Publisher | Museum Tinguely, Basel 2014
  • Design | Kristof Kintera
  • Editing | Andres Pardey
  • Production | Jiri Oplatek, Claudiabasel
  • Printing | Gremper AG, Basel
  • ISBN | 978-3-9523990-7-1, Only available at museum’s book shop, 68 CHF

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