Künstlerbuch | Artists’ book: Ed Ruscha. Dutch Details, 1971

(source: http://bintphotobooks.blogspot.co.at)
(source: http://bintphotobooks.blogspot.co.at)

Künstlerbuch | Artists’ book: Ed Ruscha. Dutch Details, 1971

Black offset printing on heavyweight white paper

11.4 x 38.1 x 0.8 cm

  • Edition | 3000
  • Exterior | Softcover, coated white cardboard
  • Binding | Taped and glued
  • Pages | 23 (10 lateral fold-out pages containing 116 photographic illustrations, 1 title page, 1 introduction page, 11 blank pages)
  • Inscription | Unsigned and unnumbered
  • Printer | Unknown
  • Publisher | Octopus Foundation within the framework of Sonsbeek 71, Decenter, The Netherlands
  • Commends | This project, commissioned by the Groninger Museum, Groningen, The Netherlands, documents the Dutch communities of Veendam, Stadskanaal, Musselkanaal, and Ter Apel. According to the introduction page, „The photographs were taken only at bridge locations and the bridges themselves used as a walkway by the artist to take the pictures with a hand-held camera“
  • The current price for Records is about 1000-1600€, available on abebooks

Ed Ruscha Dutch Details

Pictures and Information are taken from:

Edward Ruscha. EDITIONS 1959-1999 | Catalogue Raisonne, Vol. 1: Prints, Books Misc; Vol. 2: Essays, Entries, Information, Minneapolis 1999.

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