Künstlerbuch | Artists‘ book: Johan F. Hartle / Rainer Ganahl (Ed.). DADALENIN (Edition Taube 2013)

Dada and Lenin had more in common than is usually assumed. DADALENIN points to some of the tragicomic aspects of their overlapping artistic and political histories in order to question the unfulfilled legacy of the avant-garde.

Rainer Ganahl_Dadalenin 2013Künstlerbuch | Artists‘ book: Johan F. Hartle / Rainer Ganahl (Ed.). DADALENIN

  • Edition Taube 2013
  • Editor | Johan F. Hartle and Rainer Ganahl
  • With contributions by Boris Groys and Jenny Borland
  • Hardcover | 16×23 cm, 606 pages, black and white offset print
  • ISBN |  978-3-9814518-4-9, 25€ (Edition Taube)
  • more pics here

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