Künstlerbuch | Artists‘ book: Toom Tragel | John Baldessari sings LeWitt (1972 / 2012)

“I’d like to sing for you some of these sentences that Sol LeWitt has written in conceptual art. I feel this is a tribute to him. I think that these sentences have been hidden too long in the pages of exhibition catalogues, and that perhaps by me singing them for you, it will bring these sentences to a much larger public.”

In 1972, John Baldessari made a film of himself singing some of Sol LeWitt’s more notable statements on the subject of conceptual art. With this slim volume, Estonian graphic designer Toom Tragel presents a complete transcription of Baldessari’s introduction (35 Sentences on Conceptual Art from 1969) as well as each of his musical scores with LeWitt’s words printed as lyrics underneath the notes.

here you can see a Black-and-white video-clip from 1972 (around 3 minutes | Statement 1-8):

Full Video | Baldessari sings LeWitt

Baldessari sings LeWitt CoverToom Tragel | John Baldessari sings LeWitt (2012)

  • Rollo-Press
  • Softcover, 44 Pages
  • 35 Sentences on Conceptual Art from Sol LeWitt (1969)
  • Fourth Edition | 10€ available on the Website from Rollo-Press (NEWS: reprint in progress)

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