Artzine | B.L.A.D. (since 2009, published by Sex Tags & Blank Blank, Norway)

B.L.A.D – a must have for artzine lovers and everybody which still want to become it. We have almost all issues in Das Kunstbuch collection. unfortunately the special edition no. 20 – the pizzabox – was completely sold out.

What is B.L.A.D.? Literally “blad” is the Norwegian word for “leaf”, and a “leaf” is a magazine, therefore B.L.A.D. must be a magazine, with a “blad” on the cover, a “blad” inside the packaging, and across its many internal “blads” there have been featured a wide range of illustrators and topics, and once even nothing at all.

The concept is simple; provide an artist or a topic with a surface that fits in your pocket, lovingly offset-printed in a secret basement and spread it around to anyone who would like to have a look inside.

Since its humble beginnings in 2009 the zine has spread across the world and reached a double-digit number of issues, bringing its weird and wonderful content, created by the likes of Vilunki 3000, Ian Stevenson, Rat Salad, Hungry Radke and more, to far-flung corners of the world. (source: blank blank)

Published by: Sex Tags & Blank Blank
Year: 2009 – Present
Editors: Sex Tags & Blank Blank
Pages: Variable 
Softcover: 95 x 145 mm

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