mumok art book day | December 1, 2018, from 10 am-6pm (mumok, mq, vienna)

Unfortunately, I am ill and can’t be there. 😦 But I wish you a nice mumok art book day with the following participants:


10–10:30: Introduction

Karola Kraus, General Director mumok
Simone Moser, mumok library

2-2:30 pm: Lecture Performance
Salvatore Viviano

The italian artist Salvatore Viviano lives and works in vienna. In May 2014 he founded the One Work Gallery, which ran till December 2017. His reading performance is based on his book The One Work Gallery Diary, recently published by Harpune Verlag. It’s a kind of diary about the gallery, the city of vienna, the art scene and the life as an artist.


4-5 pm: Lecture (in German)

Anne Thurmann-Jajes. Künstlerbücher – Ein Blick zurück nach vorn

Anne Thurmann-Jajes is director of the Research Centre for Artists’ Publications at the Weserburg – Museum of Modern Art, and teaches in the Institute of Science of Art – Film Science – Art Education at the University of Bremen. She is curator as well as author and editor of many subject-related publications.

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