Printed Matter’s NYABF 2018 (from September 21-23, 2018, MoMA PS1)

THE event for all artbooklovers. The NY ART BOOK FAIR, from September 21-23, 2018


Unfortunately I can’t be there this year 😦 😦 but anyways, don’t forget to stop by HOMOCATS (Booth A68), Gloria Glitzer (N16) and Claudia de la Torre/Backbonebooks (N06) . Claudia has been invited for the first time to show the work she’s been publishing since 2011. She’s also the winner of the Shannon Michael Cane Award, which is granted to four fourst-time NYABF exhibitors (artists, artists‘ book pubisher or collectives) in the early stages of their career. Next to backbonebooks the inaugural year winners are Ian Giles, MonoRhetorik and Sming Sming Books.  

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