Fundraising edition NYABF Claudia de la Torre

I‘ am very happy to tell you that Claudia de la Torre has been invited for the first time to show the work she’s been publishing since 2011 at the Printed Matter NYABF which will take place from September 20-23 at MoMa PS1.

Claudia: „As you know, Berlin is far from NY! There are kilos of books to be shipped (even though my bags are always filled with books!), accommodation and food to be payed, and many other fair-related expenses. For this reason I came up with the idea of selling an edition of mine to raise some money. I would be very thankful if you would buy one work. This way you would not only support me, but also all the other artist’s published under backbonebooks.“

Claudia de la Torre_flores_2
Claudia de la Torre, FLORES A4, Indian ink on black and white print As in nature, the flowers mirror each other creating always a different pattern. This edition is produced on demand, and each piece is unique. 35€

I’m always happy to support artists like Claudia and can’t wait to include this edition to my collection!



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