Künstlerbuch | Artists‘ book: Max Neuhaus. Program Notes (1974/2015 Primary Information, NYC)

I bought some books at the NYABF for the mumok library in Vienna. This is one of them:

Max Neuhaus’ Program Notes records the aphoristic statements of the innovative sound artist as he redefined the boundaries of his new audio practice. Seeking to eschew the “small area music [had] been concentrating on for the past several hundred years,” Neuhaus consciously relocated his work in the late ‘60s to what he deemed “the realm of space” as opposed to that of time—choosing to present his music in public and communal settings, decidedly outside of the “proscenium situation.” This short pamphlet was initially published in 1974 by York University Press. (Source: Primary Information)

Any genuinely new idea is, by its nature, insane. (Program Notes/Max Neuhaus)

neuhauscoverweb-520x800Max Neuhaus. Program Notes

  • 2015 Primary Information, NYC (Reprint), 1974 York University Press
  • Reprint | Edition of 500
  • Paperback | 5.4 x 8.4 inches, 32 pages
  • ISBN | 978-0-9906896-5-2, Primary Information, 8$

GOOD TO KNOW | Primary Information is a non-profit organization based in New York City. Out of print artists‘ books are thanks to Primary Information affordable for everyone. yay.


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