Künstlerbuch | Artists‘ book: William Kentridge. 2nd Hand Reading (Fourthwall Books, 2014)


2nd Hand Reading began life as a film constructed from a succession of drawings made by William Kentridge (born 1955) in 2013, on the pages of old dictionaries. Conceived as a kind of second hand reading in which books are translated into a filming of books, it is both a narrative—it begins at the beginning and will eventually get to the end—and an acknowledgement of the necessity of repetition, inconsistency and the illogical. One of today’s most pre-eminent and popular artists, Kentridge has made many flip books and book-length works that attest to his longstanding interest not only in film (he has been making animated films for two decades) but in the relationship between drawing, photography and film-making. (source: Fourthwall Books)


2nd Hand Reading by William Kentridge, 2014 (source: Fourthwall Books)
2nd Hand Reading by William Kentridge, 2014 (source: Fourthwall Books)

William Kentridge. 2nd Hand Reading

Fourthwall Books, Johannesburg 2014

Hardcover | 800 Seiten, nur Ill.

ISBN | 978-0-9922263-1-2, Fourthwall Books, 76$

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